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Five Things To Remember Before Entering Movie Making


One of the today’s most looked career is the film industry. It has tremendously created its name both in local and international. Through filmmaking, one has shown creativity and peculiar way of expressing emotions and situations — both real and imaginary. But how does it really feel to become one of the producers and filmmakers on your own? Well, I have been a filmmaker way back in my secondary years and have been loving it. I started as a writer, to handling a rule until becoming a director of my own movie. But how does it feel creating and be part of this industry? Well, here are ten reminders you should learn from a director before entering movie making :



Among all others, the most basic thing to be wisely done by the first timer is to take into serious consideration the planning. The script should be done in full detail including the props needed and the people included and all other necessary thing needed for the film. Even the different angles to be taken for every scene and the best music fit for it should e in detailed.



This may sound very simple but to tell you, this is the most difficult task that you will be encountering in your entire life as a movie maker. You have to be very lenient in choosing your crew and the people that will bring to life the characters of your film. Your failure to choose the right team for the film will tell your failure ahead. Know that you have to take this as a crucial part of your life as a filmmaker.



Without gears, there will be no film. So it is very important to create a checklist of all necessary gears like cameras, tripods, lights, microphone and etc., so there will be a smooth run as you start the film.



Film making is not as easy as what you think. It will both hassle your mental , physical and emotional stability. You should be aware of possible breakdown in various areas once the film is on its process. I have been into this situation and it is very normal in every film industry. At least for once, I have never failed to remind you this. Just keep yourself ready at all times



In everything, you should take this slice of idea as your daily reminder. You should always be reminded that there are both technical and emotional flaws that are inevitable once the process has started. All you have to do is to recheck everything and be as calm as you can be before deciding and making actions in all necessary areas that needs immediate response. Take this not as someone who has experienced. Take this as a friendly reminder from someone who also went the same, failure , mistake and success. To you who aims to be one, just never quit. Quitters never win.

heating ideas

Movie Marathon in the Winter

Are you feeling languid in the freezing months? Are you bothered for being stuck at home?  Have a winter movie marathon. Spend winter moments with the entire family and have a fantastic time with them. Nestle down with your hot drinks and enjoy watching your favorite movies.

Hurrah for the winter. I hope you welcome the extremely cold months with a resounding applause. However, the bitter cold can take your energy away if you let it. The icy days should not paralyze your moments and should not make you feel restless. Think of movie marathon ideas that will keep you out from the gloomy setting of the season.  This is one way of making the most of the days.

Make your family enjoy the comic, the horrible, the funny, and the mysterious by keeping a pleasurable temperature at home. As the winter fast approaches, you have to include in your preparations the heater that will keep you warm all winter long. You can have your most precious choice from among the best heaters found online.  You will enjoy watching the classics and the modern movies if you are perfectly well with your house temperature. Prepare in advance your heating system and fix necessary things.  Keep out the cold and let the actions begin.

Choose the movies to include on your winter bucket list.  Your chosen movies should take off all the listlessness of your family. Have a pick of the winter movies for families and enjoy the winter break. Here are the movies that will keep you energized in the snowbound days.

Dumb and Dumber (1994 American Comedy Road Film)

This comedy film may take away your frigidness. Make the whole family chuckle as Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels brought out their best comic acts as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. Burst out laughing as the two unintelligent characters from Providence, Rhode Island made their way to Aspen while they were pursued by a group of criminals just because of a briefcase.

Drag Me to Hell (2009 American Supernatural Horror Film)

Make everyone scream in horror as you click play the life of an American-born loan officer, Christine Brown. Scream in fear as Mrs. Ganush places a curse on her. The assault was because Christine refuses to extend the old woman’s loan. Take the horrifying scenes as she hurdles the malevolent forces of the evil which push her to her breaking points.

heating ideas in the winter

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983 American Animated Featurette) and Frozen (2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film)

Involve the kids and let them curl up with a lot of snacks while they watch Mickey and Friends. They will surely love the retelling of Charles Dicken’s Masterpiece and get hooked with Uncle Scrooge McDuck. If they want more you can make them enjoy the characters of reindeer Sven and Snowman Olaf.  You feel like getting back to your childhoods days as you get interested in the icy powers of Elsa.


Enjoy the wintery relaxation with your family and give the freezing cold a kick with bundles of movies for your snowy day marathon. Curl with the heart warming and heart breaking scenes and they will surely keep you warm in the wintery nights. Immerse into the thrillers, comedies, romantic scenes, and adventurous plights. Treat yourself in the wintery times and have fun!

The Most Memorable Movies of the Past Millennium

The Most Memorable Movies of the Past Millennium

Movies has always been a part of our society.

From the Nickelodeon Theatre to the IMAX movie theatres today, humanity has always been fascinated with motion pictures. Now, you can just stream a movie on your laptop not unlike in the 80’s. We are a blessed generation because of this.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most memorable movies of the past millennium.

The Jazz Singer – 1927

This is the first motion picture to have synchronized sound so this movie should be included this on the list. It paved the way for movies that have sounds and ended the era of silent films.

Scarface – 1983

Tony Montana

You Fuck With Me, You’re Fucking With The Best! – Tony Montana

You like Al Pacino, I like Al Pacino, we all love Al Pacino.

This is one of his memorable portrayed character on film. He even said that it was his favorite character of all. What made this movie included on the list is the fact that it’s one of the most quotable movies of all time. Each catchphrase that Tony Montana said, you memorized it.

I almost forgot, the word “Fuck” was said in the movie 207 times.

Star Wars – 1977

This movie singlehandedly lifted the SciFi movie genre to the status it achieved today.

This is memorable because the CGI was amazing back in those days. It set a standard to all the SciFi movies. It also had countless parodies.

Heck, there’s even a cult for it, Jediism.

Back To The Future – 1985

Back To The Future

They Made This Crap Into An Icon

The plot is just simply well thought for this movie.

What made this movie memorable is the massive product placements in the movie. Nike, Pepsi and the DeLorean are just some of the big names that you can see in this movie. If Hamilton Beach 1 Cup Coffee Maker had the money way back then, we are now using coffee machines instead of buying from Starbucks!

Too bad there’s still no public flying cars today.

benefits of juicing

The Benefits of Juicing as Depicted in the Movies

Juicing is the process of extracting the juice of raw fruits and vegetables while maintaining its natural taste and all the life-enhancing nutrients.  It gives us the fruits and veggies in liquid form loaded with a lot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.  It offers the best sip in the world which is essential to one’s health and can work greatly on weight management. To promote juicing, its amazing benefits are featured in the movies and have inspired millions who are greatly affected by obesity epidemic and willing to break the bondage of being obese.

The movies have featured what the juicer kings can do for us. After watching this movie, I know you will be inspired by how Joe Cross had lost 100 pounds after his two-month juice fasting. Most probably, you’ll go to buy the best juicer and try it on your own.  Juice fasting and all its benefits were introduced in “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross and Kurt Engfehr. This movie served as the best inspiration for people who felt helpless with their present health conditions but are still hopeful to finally see the light of hope shining through. The juice fasting was indeed a success as it gave remarkable results to the subjects in the film.

Unbelievable Weight Loss

The natural food such as fruits and vegetables are made phenomenal because of their amazing benefits for health and wellness.  Whatever is natural is good for the health. Preservative-free juice brings satisfaction to one’s health as shown in the dramatic transformation of the filmmaker Joe Cross.

“I challenge anyone suffering from being overweight or a lifestyle disease, to try it on for size.” Jason Vale

You might as well get inspired after watching the “Super Juice Me”. It is another must-see movie that would give you the best idea of juicing as an exceptional way of  making the most of plant foods. Get inspired by Jason Vale, the Juice Master, who firmly believes the value of quality nutrition as the best cure for the chronic disease. This movie documentary emphasized the great value of natural foods and juicing them. After watching this movie, for sure you will feel the great need of purchasing your own juicer so that you can make your own fruit and veggie juice at home.  This movie will make us realize that the best remedy to attain good health is simple. It’s by taking the best juice experiment.

Best Way to Improve One’s Health

Many people have tried a lot of ways to make sure that they are fit and always in good condition. Some failed and some became noteworthy. However, the most efficient way which is proven to make a difference in one’s health is by juicing fruits and veggies. Try doing it for a month and for sure you will be amazed and surprised on how it enhances your health conditions.

Recognizing the Real Role of Saws as Power Tools

Recognizing the Real Role of Saws as Power Tools


In today’s world, saws as power tools perform a definite role that woodworkers and DIY homeowners glaringly recognize. Just like in the movies, each type of saw has an exciting role that needs to be done with great excellence and high-class performance. Each will play to make fantastic creations as directed by the operators themselves.  Find Sawing pros here and be amazed of how each one will perform to ignite your passion for magnifying your craft.

What is the ultimate power saw? Oh, well, since each one has a blazing and daring role in the cutting industry, each of the saws has its amazing share of distinctive features that makes it an ultimate power tool.

A saw is one of the widely used power tools that are inherently dangerous if they are used recklessly.  Power saws are of great importance for more advanced woodworking projects which need efficiency and fast labor. The operator as the director of the whole cutting scene has to pay respect to the manufacturing guidelines of each variety of saws.  The tough blade and the hard toothed edge of the saw can create wonders which are not our capabilities. Of course, who would like to cut metals and wood through our teeth? Let’s give the role to the bold saws, and let the trained professionals manage its operations.

Chainsaws, for example, perform different roles as with those the table saws and miter saws.  Chopping big trees is made more efficient by using the incredible chainsaw. On the other hand, if you are to make accurate crosscuts and exact angles in material, the miter saw is just right for you. Furthermore, if you need the sharp and precise cuts of a circular saw blade, then a table saw is a perfect investment.


As you can see, saws are just like us. Each one of them has unique distinctive features that need to be mastered by the operators in order create things the way they should be made.

All of the power saws have humble beginnings that need to be recognized too.The role of handsaws has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Ancient wood and metal crafts were pure evidence that saws have performed their amazing roles in making our cutting fancies to become more realistic and timely.

Cooking Movies: Delightful Scenes in the Kitchen

Cooking Movies: Delightful Scenes in the Kitchen

What are the most delicious scenes in movies that inspire you to recreate in your own kitchen? The movies are moving us. The scenes are for real and are somewhat real.


Speak of the sumptuous meals and finest cuisines in the movies.  The fantastic delicacies on the big screen have moved us to do great things in our own kitchen. Food has been a big part in action-packed films as it is in our lives.  The actors and actresses were like pressure cooker kings highly emulated and appreciated by moviegoers like you and me.

Have you ever thought of recreating the sumptuous meals enjoyed by big personalities on the big screen? Your kitchen is going to be the center stage of the fabulous delights caught on camera.  Food enthusiasts are greatly inspired by the delicious dishes they saw in the movies. Their mouth watered over watching the wide array of splendid meals on screen.

What could be Tony Shalhoub who played the role of Primo in the Big Night movie of 1996 prepared as a genius chef? The movie was indeed one of the great movies of the time.  Primo and Secondo were so absorbed in the kitchen preparing delightful recipes which were offered not just as plain foods but as a language which could penetrate the soul. Their culinary conversations were for real. The perfect omelet, the seafood risotto, and the timpano were drooling culinary creations. The scene which showed the unveiling of the timpano was considered as the most delicious scene in the movie. This great movie about food fascinated people.

The food movie Ratatouille in 2007 depicted the talented rat named Remy who dreamed of becoming a great French chef.  The movie revolved around the rat’s great passion for cooking as he became a visitor of a fine French restaurant. He was given a cooking job despite his being unwanted after he made a delicious soup. The audience’ excitement would be triggered during the most delicious scene in the movie when Remy whipped his hearty soup.

Your fantastic cooking scenes in your kitchen may take inspiration from the movie Haute Cuisine in 2012 with Catherine Frot who played the role of Hortense Laborie. Her amazing culinary skills amazed everyone, especially the President of the Republic.  Her amazing culinary skills were exemplary that she battled outstanding chefs of the Palais. Her indisputable kitchen skills were inspiring and could be tapped as part of the delightful scenes in your kitchen.


Bring the fabulous cooking into your kitchen and be the heart warming chef to your family. Include your kids and family members in your culinary creations as they are the important casts in your real-life cooking story.  

Movie-Inspired Innovative Awesome Pool Designs

Movie-Inspired Innovative Awesome Pool Designs

automatic pool cleaners

Movies give us an amazing outlet to suspend our disbelief. Larger than life characters motivate us to believe on the other side of life. Movie scenes are just products of the imagination and from rich experiences.  Viewers wish to be not only mere spectators. They want to be involved. It’s an amazing escape from reality towards embracing what is real and inspiring.  These movie fanatics want to be in the movies!  They imitate.  These movie fanatics model their houses and even swimming pools in the movies. Films give them the best ideas for their swimming pool cool designs and styles. Well, it is swimming just like in the movies!

Swimming pools capture the heart of the film industry and the spectators as well.  Larger than life swimming pools inspire people to invest for their own fantastic relaxation getaway right in their backyard. Your best designed clean swimming pool gives you a perfect hangout throughout the year. To be guided as to how the cleanliness is achieved, click here.

Just how amazing are the swimming pools featured in  the movies? The splashing swimming pool scenes make us think of owning a stunning backyard swimming pool.  The daunting adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, in the Pirates of the Caribbean, have entertained people sumptuously.  Inspired by the magical voyage, some moviegoers patterned their glamorous swimming pools from the movie scenes.  A haunted-looking pirate ship at the center of the pool or at the entrance of the pool area is a fantastic design that will for sure brings fun and adventure to the kids.   This adds life  and adventure to the pool.

automatic pool cleaner

The fantastic and bizarre may as well be reflected in your pool designs. This will bring an incredible experience with your friends. The classic rectangular shape of your pool in your backyard is a creative reflection of the ancient pools of kings in Rome, Greece, and  Babylonia.

In ground swimming pools come in different shapes, sizes and designs.  As you plan to build your swimming pool, it has to be designed according to your interests and preferences. Furthermore, you have to make it sure that your pool encourages healthy and safe swimming. You should keep it clean and maintain the pool’s delight.

Watch this video and check out for best pool designs that will make you feel like swimming!

However, there are several factors that to need to be considered before investing in your swimming pool. The lot size and your home’s architectural style have to be looked into. What is the pool for? Make a draft so as not to regret your choice. Be its infinity pool, garden-inspired pool, or an all-natural watery oasis, as long as it could give you the best time swimming, then voila! That’s it!

Rowing Into the Movies:  Emulating a Superhero

Rowing Into the Movies: Emulating a Superhero

Say Hello to Gerard Butler!

rowing machine

How To Look Like Hollywood’s Hottest New Hunk?

Before you get inspired by his envious abs, I highly recommend our best rowing machine for home. Who knows? This will make you get the feature of your superhero.

Gerard Butler in the Movie 300 swoon females and inspire men to work out and get those elusive abs that are the envy of everyone. The testosterone-filled movie had gathered moviegoers over the world and witnesses the actions heating up and its manliest King, Gerard Butler.

His role as the rugged Spartan King Leonides made him widely known which made the females bewildered and inspired the males to head out to the gym.

As he led 300 Spartans into battle, he has worked out to achieve the terrifying amounts of lean muscles.  He has to look like the true King of Sparta as he fought against the Persian “god-King” Xerxes.  Men who have watched the movie would retort in envy that they wanted to be like him. Gerard’s versatility, as well as his real “Spartan King, looks” has aroused the curiosity of many.

This Scottish star has to make his extreme physical routine achieve the physique of a real warrior in the movie “300”. Gerard Butler went through unusual exercises and physically demanding training to achieve great readiness for 300. He worked on his diet, his fitness routine and his way of thinking. He had to be a warrior physically, emotionally and mentally.  To become a Spartan King is such a gallant task. He has to make his way to his great King of Sparta challenge.

How about you? How is your King of Sparta Challenge?

Your King of Sparta challenge doesn’t need to be that extreme like that of Gerard’s. The Rowing machine will do the challenge for you.  It is an excellent machine for a low-impact cardio workout that will intensify your fitness and give you those six packs envious abs.  Yes, definitely! Your rowing machine will work your abs.

Try to Figure Out This Extreme Rowing Machine Workout for Men!

You might think that the rowing strokes are only for your arms and legs. Yes, the rowing machine will strengthen and tone your arms and legs, but wait, there’s more! Rowing is also an excellent abs workout.  Your “Gerard looks”  is within reach through rowing. It helps you develop that six-pack that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Just How Effective is the Rowing Machine in Your “King of Sparta Challenge”?


rowing machine

The rowing targets core muscles. Your rowing actions and strokes should stabilize your back so it will remain in an upright position. In doing so, you are engaging your core muscles and define your abs. If the rowing is intensified and is done on a regular basis, it will strengthen your core muscles. The harder you work, the closer you are to your challenge.

Top 5 Archers in the Movie Scene

Top 5 Archers in the Movie Scene

From Rio 2016 Olympics to the big and small screens, archers seem to be quite a big thing.


We rounded up Susan Pevensie (Chronicle of Narnia), Merida (Brave), and John Rambo (Rambo Franchise) as worthy contenders to the top archers in the movie scene.

Still, others beat them to it.

Neytiri, Avatar

Neytiri is the Na’vi princess of the Omaticaya clan. Despite being a royalty, she possesses an indomitable spirit of a warrior while being compassionate and loyal. She is a gifted archer, like other Na’vis. Her excellent marksmanship proved essential in helping Jake Sully to protect Pandora from human exploitation. Whether on the land or riding a flying Ikran, Neytiri’s arrow shooting skills are a sight to behold.

Clint “Hawkeye” Barton, Avengers Franchise

In the midst of supernatural power, super-tech weapons and mutations, Hawkeye has proven that a 12th century weapon can still be as fatal. Starting as the runt of Avengers, he rose to become one of its formidable members in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After he recovered from Loki’s mind-controlling powers, he set off to annihilate most of the opposing Asgardian army and managed to shoot an exploding arrow to Loki himself.

Legolas, Lord of the Rings Trilogy

A master bow and arrow wielder, Legolas managed to combine grace and mad archery skills in one fluid motion. In the movie adaptation of LOTR he executed arrow shooting skills impossible in real life, like simultaneously shooting hordes of orcs or shooting accurately while gliding down a gigantic elephant’s tusk. But hey! He’s an elf. What do you expect?

Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games Franchise

Katniss is the epitome of a true survivor in the Hunger Games Franchise. Primarily used in hunting, Katniss’ excellent marksmanship gave her the winning chance not only in the Games but also in disestablishing President Snow of Panem. Of course her strong sense of courage and human spirit also made her a great hero.

Robin Hood, Robin Hood Franchise

The Prince of Thieves is arguably the template of all the archer characters in the movies and other media. He is characterized as a just and excellent archer who leads the band of Merry Men. He is famous for stealing from rich people and helping the poor and oppressed. Robin Hood’s popularity spans from plays, comics, animations, TV series, to movie.

If you want to be the next Robin Hood (minus the stealing) or Katniss Everdeen, you might want to consider finding a top rated compound bow first. By then start practice targeting on a tree stump at your backyard first. It’s safer than orcs, trolls, and Asgardian gods and warriors, right?



In my previous post , I have been very objective and less technical. I do start with the objective type for you to understand the essence of movie-making. Now, I believe, it’s time for us to go deeper and get technical with filmmaking. What are technical things you have to consider when doing a film? There are seven areas most of the movie expert take a look at —we have, directing, script, cinematography,editing, acting, production design, and sound. Now let’s go into deeper details in each area. I’m going to start with directing. In directing it only embrace one golden rule and that is :



Yes , you read it right. The person with the most critical role in the film is not the one who do the acting , who writes the script, and who edit the film. It is the director. The director is responsible for the totality of the film. The result of the film could be directly blamed or appraise to the director. To keep out of blame, these are the detailed things a director must know :


As a director, it is important for you to get in touch with the emotional aspect of the film for you to keep the flow of the movie as written in the script through directing.


It is important to develop a storyboard to guide you in directing the flow of the film. it will also help in developing ideas in what frame to be use and angles to be taken to further emphasize the emotion being stressed out in the specific scene.


Like what I have said in my earlier blog, it is the duty of the director to scrutinize every individual— from crews to the one who will take the characters in the film. Below, will help you in gathering the right people for your team


It is the role of the director to make clear the emotion and the character that each person in the film should reenact. The emotions of the film are best felt when the actor understands his character to play.
In the video below, it will give the director an idea on how to build the character of every actor in the film :


Like an eagle , a director should see clear as an eagle every possible thing needed in the success of the film. He sees which is best and visualizes ahead all things necessary in the process of the filmmaking

How to Become a Successful Movie Maker

How to Become a Successful Movie Maker

It is always been a question for every aspiring filmmaker on how to create a very creative and one of a kind film that could catch the audience taste of satisfaction in a film. I was once like these aspiring individuals before who have been very ambitious to achieve such success in creating my own movie. As I continue learning and aiming for that success, I have an equal share of good and bad experience on achieving this but I never quit until I reach this far. Now, let me share with you a slice of learning I received as I walk on the journey of attaining this success:




In everything you do, you should use your brain wisely before you take a move. It is very important to think every step and every move that you are going to make before considering and reconsidering the idea. What would be its implication? What would this result to if this thing should be done? You should ask yourself and be intelligent enough to handle every situation in the film.


When I say learn to love relearning, I say you have to consider restudying things . It doesn’t mean that you already have what it takes , like technical skills in film making, to become a filmmaker, you will then disregard relearning these things. Those who accept the fact that they still need continuous learning are those who are merely to succeed in life. So with the movie industry.


One of the things most successful movie makers always consider is to use in its highest ability all the resources they have in able to be productive. Especially for all beginners, you still have a lot of things to acquire and a lot of money to use ; however be not discouraged as long as you have enough to start with like camera and a laptop. You just have to use your resources wisely to produce a thumbs up movie. Its about thinking behind the box and creating fabulous ideas out of something. I believe that if you are entrusted with few things, you can also be trusted with greater ones. Use what you have right now and soon, if big opportunities break your door, you will be able to handle them effectively.


The driving force of every works is the passion and love we have in doing this things. Loving filmmaking will lighten the natural load that you will carry.


Even how good we are or how talented we might be, the bottom line is that you will never be labeled as successful movie maker if you never did try. You have to create your movie in your own artistic way. You have to do it not just once but as many times as you can until you reach the point of being labeled as a successful movie maker in today’s generation. You my start with short clips and develop and create your own style in the movie. I’m looking forward for your greater success and I welcome you to the world of movie making.