5 of the Best Car Movies

The Transporter (2002)


This movie starring Jason Statham is one of the greatest yet underrated car movies of all time. Statham played the role of a professional driver who earns money to transport a cargo of any kind, and he isn’t permitted to ask questions. Although his attitude in the movie felt a bit lacking, he has grown over the years, proving us that he can be as tough as he wants to be. This action film may be a bit corny for some, but it still is one of the best car movies out there.

Rush (2013)

Rush is a film about two Formula One races James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth, and Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Brühl. Their rivalry was iconic that it just had to be made into a flick. The actors played their parts pretty well, and the competition is intense. The plot developed gracefully, and you’ll be surprised by how a rivalry can turn into a friendship. The film also focuses on the craziness and danger of racing, but the occurrences will make you want to watch the movie even more. It’s also an underrated car movie for an unknown reason. But regardless of what some audiences say, it’s one hell of an action film.

Baby Driver (2017)

Want some comedy, romance, action, and cars in one flick? Then you’ll appreciate Baby Driver with its brilliant cast. Starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, John Hamm, and Lily James, the film is centered at the bright yet talented getaway driver (Elgort) who is trying to break free from his boss (Spacey). The movie features some of the most insane vehicle chases you’ll ever see, and they’re even accompanied by excellent songs. The flick is recommended for music and car lovers who need to watch a balanced movie that ends with a lesson. This film is so moving that it will make you want to read the tips on how you can be safe in your car. After watching this, you will probably leave a handyman toolbox in your car just to be safe.

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Fast Five (2011)

The Fast and Furious franchise is well known for (evidently) cars. It’s impossible to have a list of car movies without at least one film from the franchise. And it’s not just due to its stellar cast. Almost every film features car stealing, shooting, fighting, explosions, and driving insanely fast cars only to have them explode in the end. The Fast Five is the most popular film in the franchise and is one of the action movies you don’t want to miss. Fast Five focuses on the street-racing subculture and a lot of talks about cars. This may be different from its four ancestors, but it’s still a film that made a huge impact internationally.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

mad-maxThe last one on our list happens to be one of the greatest car movie franchises. If you want a film that will make you jump off your chair because of mind-blowing car stunts, then you found what you’re looking for. This flick led by Tom Hardy is a combination of style, dark theme, and mad driving (hence the name). The plot was excellent, the cast was superb, and the way the vehicles were used was breathtaking (literally). The film is an unbelievable thrill ride, a work of art, and a nightmare all at the same time. That’s how mad it is.


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