The Most Memorable Movies of the Past Millennium

Movies has always been a part of our society.

From the Nickelodeon Theatre to the IMAX movie theatres today, humanity has always been fascinated with motion pictures. Now, you can just stream a movie on your laptop not unlike in the 80’s. We are a blessed generation because of this.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most memorable movies of the past millennium.

The Jazz Singer – 1927

This is the first motion picture to have synchronized sound so this movie should be included this on the list. It paved the way for movies that have sounds and ended the era of silent films.

Scarface – 1983

Tony Montana

You Fuck With Me, You’re Fucking With The Best! – Tony Montana

You like Al Pacino, I like Al Pacino, we all love Al Pacino.

This is one of his memorable portrayed character on film. He even said that it was his favorite character of all. What made this movie included on the list is the fact that it’s one of the most quotable movies of all time. Each catchphrase that Tony Montana said, you memorized it.

I almost forgot, the word “Fuck” was said in the movie 207 times.

Star Wars – 1977

This movie singlehandedly lifted the SciFi movie genre to the status it achieved today.

This is memorable because the CGI was amazing back in those days. It set a standard to all the SciFi movies. It also had countless parodies.

Heck, there’s even a cult for it, Jediism.

Back To The Future – 1985

Back To The Future

They Made This Crap Into An Icon

The plot is just simply well thought for this movie.

What made this movie memorable is the massive product placements in the movie. Nike, Pepsi and the DeLorean are just some of the big names that you can see in this movie. If Hamilton Beach 1 Cup Coffee Maker had the money way back then, we are now using coffee machines instead of buying from Starbucks!

Too bad there’s still no public flying cars today.

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